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Hitachi subsidiary Clarion is a highly distinguished manufacturer of automotive electronics and media equipment. Combining futuristic approach essentials, with advanced technology, Clarion delivers a feature-rich range of multimedia systems, rear vision cameras, speakers / subwoofers / amplifiers, and marine audio systems.

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Clarion multimedia systems showcase a variety of class-leading features. Ranging from its sleek and sophisticated design, its intuitive touch panel operation coupled with seamless connectivity with an iPhone, USB, Bluetooth, internet radio, and GPS, Clarion multimedia systems promise comfortable and convenient travel. Other exciting key features that set our multimedia systems apart from the competition include to take calls, send and receive messages, use sophisticated navigation and weather updates, and other information data updates.

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Clarion audio systems are precision controlled to ensure high-quality, pure digital sound output. Equipped with remarkable features including built-in HD radio, Sirius XM vehicle tuner, easy connection USB, Bluetooth and other technologically superior devices, Clarion audio systems deliver an incomparable sound experience like no other.

Clarion is a global manufacturer of superb component speakers, powerful subwoofers, and amplifiers. Our audio range is known to deliver crystal clear, high-quality sound. Other features that make our speakers, sub-woofers and amplifiers world-class include lowest frequency response, excellent power-handling ratings, bass preferences and low distortion.

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Clarion engineers a wide variety of marine audio systems such as source units, subwoofers, speakers, accessories, and amplifiers to exhilarate your music buds on your boat. Featuring integrated multi-zone volume display, remote module Wi-Fi with control, radio tuner, Bluetooth connectivity, and USB connectivity our devices are salt, sun, and fog resistant.

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Compact in design, but intelligent on features, Clarion rear vision cameras offer extraordinary range and illumination. Clarion rear vision cameras provide accurate assurance to navigate vision behind your vehicle by aiding visibility and detail through features such as colored distance guideline patterns, built-in microphones to audibly check the hidden environment and true/mirror image switching, to add safety and security while driving.