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Corporate Name Hitachi Insurance Services, (Hong Kong) Ltd.
Address 8/F, Building 20E, Phase 3, Hong Kong Science Park, Pak Shek Kok, New Territories, Hong Kong
TEL +852-2736-6611
FAX +852-2736-2730
Founded 1978-9
Business Overview Insurance Broker. An insurance intermediary, representing the insured.
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Major Products & Business Overview

We provide the following insurance services to Hitachi Group Companies.

Property All Risks Insurance


Property insurance cover where every accidental cause of loss or damage is insured, unless specifically excluded by the policy.

Cargo Insurance

picture:  Cargo Insurance

Property insurance, perhaps on "all risks" or specified perils basis, for goods carried on a vessel.

Motor Insurance

The insurance of motor vechicles and third party or other associated risks. Primarily comprises private vechicles, motor cycles and commercial vehicles.

Travel Insurance

picture:  Travel Insurance

A package insurance, offering a wide range of covers, including personal accident, loss/damage to luggage and a range of miscellaneous headings such as loss of deposits, money, medical expenses, etc.

Medical Insurance


Insurance related to the cost of medical expences and medical treatment arising from accident or sickness.


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