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Corporate Information

Corporate Name Hitachi (Hong Kong) Limited
Address 18/F, Ever Gain Centre, 28 On Muk Street Shatin, N.T. Hong Kong, China
TEL +852-2113-8883
FAX +852-2783-8535
Founded 1964-1-10
Business Overview Selling home applicances
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Major Products & Business Overview



Understanding the pursuit of pleasure and it makes you realize the highest living standard. Hitachi Refrigerator sales No. 1, no matter the outlook, color, feature and the service are with excellent standard, which can perfectly and match your style.

新葡萄京娱乐 8455com

新葡萄京娱乐 8455com

Hitachi Washing Machines sales No. 1, utilize advanced technologies to make washing a real bliss. Installed with Hitachi's Revolutionary system, this user-friendly household helper is efficient and economical. Hitachi's amazingly quiet and stable line-up of washing machines offers you great peace of mind on laundry days.

Front Loading Drum Type Washer

picture:Front Loading Drum Type Washer

Hitachi BIG DRUM Front Loading Drum Type Washer with vibration control system, advanced motor, BIG DRUM plus various washing programs, enables powerful, silent and stable washing. Moreover, it enables under-counter installation.

Window Type Air Conditioner

picture:Window Type Air Conditioner

Hitachi Air Conditioner has been No.1 in sales in Hong Kong. All the production processes, from design of the air conditioner to quality control, are carefully handled by our Japanese engineers to ensure advance technology has been applied. Our products can sure win your confidence and we guarantee to give you the best.


Split Type Air Conditioner

picture:Split Type Air Conditioner

Thanks to Hitachi's technology, so we can enjoy a quick cooling, energy saving and quiet operation Split Type Air Conditioner. Also, Hitachi Air conditioner has been No.1 in sales in Hong Kong. Our products can provide a comfortable environment and sure win your confidence.

新葡萄京娱乐 8455com

Rice Cooker

picture:Rice Cooker

Hitachi Rice Cooker combined variety of cooking methods, the achievements of the golden formula of sweet and delicious rice within short cooking time. By the advanced technologies, moisture can be kept in rice so that you can enjoy the soft and delicious rice.

Vacuum Cleaner

picture:Vacuum Cleaner

Hitachi Vacuum Cleaner with power consumption and suction power plus varies advanced functions so Hitachi Cyclonic Cleaner must be your best partner for cleaning home.

Ion Cleansing Device

picture:Ion Cleansing Device

Hitachi Ion Cleansing Device which made in Japan. It can make your skin beautiful through several steps so you can enjoy a facial treatment with the level of beauty salon at your home! For the full line-up of beauty products, there is always a model can fit with your skin!



The relative humidity is high, so Hitachi dehumidifier combined the functions of purification, anti-bacterial and anti-mold is your best choice. So you can enjoy the fresh air and healthy life.

Range Hood

picture:Range Hood

Hitachi Range Hood with powerful motor to exhaust lampblack that makes your kitchen always fresh and clean in order to create a perfect cooking environment. Moreover, Hitachi Range Hood has a stylish design and appearance, easy and quiet operation.



Hitachi Steam & Cordless Iron with powerful steam so makes you easy for ironing the wrinkle that can save your time and it is durable and easy to clean. Also, you can have a flexible storage by the special design.

Electric Fan

picture:Electric Fan

Hitachi Electric Fan with flexible wind direction that can cope with different environment and needs. Also, it can provide an ideal wind flow as natural that makes you feel comfortable.

Hair Cutter

picture:Hair Cutter

Hitachi Hair Cutter with powerful motor and sharp shave that make it easy to trim for different hairstyle.

LCD projector


Hitachi LCD projector with total balance to meet all your needs for school or office. It offers simple installation, easy maintenance, beautiful picture quality and industry-best reliability.

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