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Information & Telecommunication Systems: Collaborative Innovation through Advanced IT

The basis of Hitachi's global Social Innovation Business is a fusion of advanced IT with infrastructure technology built up over many years. IT also has a critical role in fields such as power systems and transportation systems.



As times change, IT comes up against new challenges. Among these is the question of how to efficiently manage and extract new value from the ever-increasing volume of data, what has come to be known as "big data." This is also a major factor in producing innovation in business and society.



To meet this need, Hitachi supplies highly reliable cloud services that free customers from the burden of system administration and ensure the continuous availability of the latest information system infrastructure. Hitachi also supplies platform solutions that provide secure operation and management of big data based around global-market-leading storage products.


Hitachi also supplies the data analysis service through which it works with customers to extract new value from big data. Utilizing a team-based approach that combines meisters (experts) knowledgeable in mathematical analysis, IT, and business with other specialists, including data analytics engineers and system consultants, the service supports the utilization of big data based on a thorough understanding of the customer's business and a common vision.