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Social Infrastructure: Industrial Systems: Supporting Daily Life and Manufacturing

Social infrastructure includes the essentials for safety and comfort in everyday life: water, energy, air conditioning, industry, and more. Hitachi puts its long history of experience to use in providing secure, reliable solutions with a special emphasis on suitability for a low-carbon society.


Industrial Systems

Hitachi also supplies a variety of industrial systems such as highly efficient motors (a product that dates back to Hitachi's origins), inverters, and transformers. Transformers are essential for electric power distribution networks. For this market, Hitachi has developed amorphous transformers that provide significant benefits in terms of CO2 emissions reduction as well as achieving industry-leading levels of energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency Services

Comprehensive measures by Hitachi for achieving energy efficiency, saving electric power, and reducing CO2 emissions include the supply of cogeneration systems and systems for utilizing waste heat as well as its work on improving the efficiency of air conditioning and heating equipment for use at sites such as factories, hospitals, and commercial facilities. Hitachi is also involved in a large number of ESCO projects that supply comprehensive energy efficiency services while minimizing the capital investment required of customers.

ESCO: Energy Service Company

Safety of social infrastructure

Hitachi contributes to ensuring the safety of social infrastructure through its involvement in defense systems, such as satellite image processing systems and C4I systems that support information transmission, decision making, and other tasks associated with national security, and also emergency and disaster management operations, such as ensuring the security of important facilities and water circulation simulation system.

C4I: Command, Control, Communication, Computers, and Intelligence