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Digital Media & Consumer Products: Supporting Comfortable Living in Home, Office, and Community

Hitachi's home appliances, which include refrigerators, washing machines, and vacuum cleaners, are designed not only to deliver basic performance and energy efficiency, but also to make users' lives easier by cutting the time and effort needed for housework, for example. Its air conditioners, meanwhile, deliver a pleasant environment to homes, offices, factories, and community spaces. Hitachi also supplies a wide range of other consumer products. These include lighting products (primarily LEDs), all-electric products such as Eco Cute*, and residential solar power generation systems that utilize Hitachi's unique inverter and control technologies to track the sun's rays and generate electric power without waste.

*A nickname used by electric power companies and water heater manufactures as a generic term for heat pump water heaters that use CO2 natural refrigerants.


In addition to its Japanese operations, the business also operates globally with production and sales sites in a number of countries. Its aim is to continue supporting the creation of an increasingly comfortable society and way of life, not only by using proprietary energy saving technologies to help reduce the load on the global environment, but also through imaginative products with high added value.